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What is the((((( ICL))))?????
The international center for languages is integral part of the education background in Jordan.
For more than 17 years since 1999, this company in Jordan has been actively working with the Jordanian people and the government to identify, improve and provide workable educational and training solutions for the student and employees whether inside or outside Jordan.
It is well-respected leaders in providing high quality, advanced training and consultation to both students and business professionals. Our skilled, knowledgeable staff members offer experts, personal attention to clients' specific needs.
The ICL is private organization. It was established in 1999 to offer academic services for Jordanian and Arab students to complete their studies in the international universities which are recognized from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. This center can help the students in all the academic fields whether they were literary or scientific fields.
In order to follow up the students and help them to overcome their academic problems.The ICL recognized from the ministry of Education and Higher education. We hope that many universities in different countries gave their preoccupations to the ICL duo to its good reputation in this field whether in Jordan or in the Arabic world.

In addition to the above services, the ICL also offers support services to individuals and institutions such as organizing study programs for the students,
assisting returning the graduates, and managing training programs in Jordan for students of other Arab countries.

For 17 years the International Center for Languages (ICL) took up a challenge to improve and provide the educational and the technical skills of the students and the employees in Jordan and some Arab countries. ICL offers workers, educators ,and professionals with high qualifications in the areas of business, English language, French language, German language, Italian language, Turkish language, Spanish language, all the world languages and computer courses.
17 years of experience in this field gave ICL the required proficiency to develop many courses that enhance the expertise of the mangers, employees, and the students. It develop and teaches intensive courses in different fields of Business Legal and English.
Also it offers preparation courses in TOEFL and IELTS. These courses are designed to assist students and prepare them for the rigorous Australian and New Zealand , USA, UK, CANADA,EU universities required exams.



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